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Rescue Me ID: 16-09-26-00440Lovebird (female)

Pet Bird    Age: Young Adult

Personality: High Energy, Somewhat Dominant 

    I recently adopted a one year old peach-faced love bird. She has started to bond to me and I love her a lot but she is not mixing well in our home. She loves hanging out with you and being inside your shirt, she is bitey at first but once shes gets to know you all she wants to do is hang out with you! She was a handfed baby and completely tame(she will come with all her breeding papers). The reason I have to re-home her is because she loves doing what birds do best, being loud! And I live in a small apartment so my neighbors can hear her unfortunately. She also does not get along with my other bird at all and she stresses him out a lot. I ... (Read More)wish that I could move so that the noise is not an issue but I cannot so my only option is to re-home her. She will come with her cage and toys as well as some food. Or $140 just for her. She is such a sweet little bird I want her to go to someone who has birds or is knowledgeable about parrots. (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $200 Animal Location:

Bexar County San Antonio, TX MAP IT!

Katelyn Schmeisser 2103653233

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Rescue Me ID: 16-09-25-00118Yellow Amazon (female)

Pet Bird    Age: Senior

Compatibility: Good with Most Birds 
Personality: High Energy, Somewhat Dominant 

    Approx 20 years old. Female Yellow Amazon. Good tempered. Will allow handling after an adjustment period. Might be okay in a family with supervised children. Talks, sings opera and laughs a lot. Named, Buzz. We thought she was a male for a long time. Sorry, Buzz. Txt or email only please if you want more info.

     Animal Location:

Williamson County Austin, TX 78745 MAP IT!

Randy Stephens 5127892862

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Rescue Me ID: 16-09-25-00112Double Yellow Amazon (female)

Pet Bird    Age: Senior

Compatibility: Not Good with Other Birds 
Personality: Low Energy, Very Dominant 

    Approx 30 years old. Mostly Blind. Very aggressive. Otherwise healthy. Doesn't pluck. Not a breeder. Talks and laughs. Not for a family with children. This bird named herself, 'Cacabird'. No joke. We've had her in our family for 20 years or so. Only allowed one person to handle her and that person is no longer around. Very territorial while on/in her cage. Can usually handle briefly if she is away from her cage. Txt or email only please for more info or if you have questions.

     Animal Location:

Williamson County Austin, TX 78745 MAP IT!

Randy Stephens 5127892862

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Rescue Me ID: 16-09-18-00363Sun Conure (male)

Pet Bird    Age: Young Adult

Personality: Average Energy, Average Temperament 

    The bird is 7 yrs old. He does say his name, can ask 'What are you doing'. Likes to be out of the cage he is very social and likes to be included in the group. I have recently moved into a duplex and he is very loud when he wants attention. I worry that he is going to cause problems for me with my new neighbors.

     Animal Location:

Brown County Brownwood, TX MAP IT!

Linda Rutherford 325-642-7459

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Rescue Me ID: 16-09-01-00174Pekin Duck (male)

Pet Bird    Age: Young Adult

Compatibility: Good with Most Birds 
Personality: Average Energy, Average Temperament 

    I got him in Apr when he was a baby. My husband built him a duck house but he prefers to stay outside. There is a large (22 acres) horse pasture behind us and there are coyotes. I hear them at night. I need to find him a good home. I also have another one that is black that needs to go with him. All food, bowls, etc will go with them.

     Animal Location:

Fannin County Trenton, TX MAP IT!

Caroline Noby 9035134504

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Rescue Me ID: 16-06-23-00479Quaker/Monk Parrot

Pet Bird    Age: Young Adult

Personality: High Energy, Somewhat Dominant 

    Darla is a young Quaker Parrot/Monk Parakeet; her gender has not been confirmed. Darla is very sweet, accepts head scritches and loves to hang out with her people. She needs a home that can devote a lot of one-on-one attention to her. She is approximately 1 year old, and is special needs. About 9 months ago, she experienced severe head trauma and as a result, she has a weakened left foot and has had some minor seizure activity (tic) while at APL. She is currently receiving DMG as a daily supplement to support her neurological and brain health. DMG is reasonably priced so Darla's health-related care expenses are not expected to be exuberant. ... (Read More) Darla has been at APL since 5/8/16. She is currently located at APL in Austin, TX. Her adoption fee is $125. If you are interested in adopting Darla, please email the rescue and we will respond with an adoption application. *Species: Quaker Parrot / Monk Parakeet *Gender: Unknown *Age: ~1 year *Color/Mutation: Normal/Green *Notes: Tame, Special needs (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $125 Animal Location:

A Parront's Love Small Bird Rescue
Travis County Austin, TX 78745 MAP IT!


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Rescue Me ID: 16-06-23-00446Cockatiel (male)

Pet Bird    Age: Young Adult

Compatibility: Good with Most Birds 
Personality: Average Energy, Somewhat Dominant 

    Barney is a young male cockatiel who loves to sing, so his new home must be accepting of his noise! He is happy to sit on your shoulder once you've gained his trust, but is shy of hands and likes to stay near his cage. It takes some time for him to come out of his shell so he needs an owner who is patient and will give him plenty of time to get used to new surroundings. Barney enjoys the company of other birds, and would do best in a home that has at least one other cockatiel. He does like his space, however, so a shared cage should be adequately sized. Barney's age is unknown, but we estimate him to be around 1 year old. Barney has been at ... (Read More)APL since 4/27/16. He is currently located at APL in Austin, TX. His adoption fee is $60. If you are interested in adopting Barney, please email the rescue and we will respond with an adoption application. *Species: Cockatiel *Gender: Male *Age: ~1 year *Color/Mutation: Pied *Notes: Semi-tame, steps up on closed fists only (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $60 Animal Location:

A Parront's Love Small Bird Rescue
Travis County Austin, TX 78745 MAP IT!


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Rescue Me ID: 16-05-13-00254Green Cheek Conure/cag

Pet Bird    Age: Young Adult

Compatibility: Not Good with Other Birds 
Personality: Average Energy, Very Dominant 

    Eva is about 6 years old. Very temperamental with anyone she doesn't like. She loves to fly around the house. Needs someone who knows how to work with birds and is patient and willing to get to know her. She will come with her lovely cage, toys, & food. She has never been DNA tested for sex confirmation, so Eva may be a male? not sure.

 Adoption Fee: $350 Animal Location:

Bexar County San Antonio, TX MAP IT!

Leah Crawson-Saiz 2106018417

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Rescue Me ID: 16-03-08-00330Indian Ringneck (male)

Pet Bird   

Personality: High Energy, Very Dominant 

    Rembrandt is an Indian Ringneck Parrot. I got him after he was found by a friend in the wild. I have had him for almost a year now and I am having little luck taming and training him. We have been able to discover that he has been through some bad and abusive owners in the past and was released outside on purpose by a previous owner. I have no idea how old he is but was told by a bird rescuer that he is, at the very least, 3 years old. I suspect a little bit older. I am trying to find him a home with someone who has quite a bit of experience and more time than I do so that he may have a very happy life. He is comfortable here with me but I ... (Read More)believe he could be so much better with someone more experienced than me. He is fairly aggressive inside his cage and will strike if you get too close. He is fully flighted and loves to be out of the cage but he can be stubborn and difficult to return back to his cage if he does not want to go. He is very vocal as well. He doesn't say many words other than 'What are you doing?' but he does make lots of screeches and squawks that can be quite loud and trying at times. He has even learned to imitate some video game noises and something that sounds like a car alarm. For the asking price he will be included with his large cage, food, treats, millet and over a dozen toys, perches and accessories that I have for him already. The cage has a play stand on top and includes several stainless steel food bowls along with several perches. The cage is rather large (24' x 22' x 35'H) and it is on wheels so it is easy to move around if needed. (Less)

 Adoption Fee: $475 Animal Location:

DeWitt County Cuero, TX MAP IT!

RENAE Rolette 3616555300

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PIease Read Before Adopting a Bird in Texas
    Birds can make good pets in Texas if they match your IifestyIe. Exotic tropical birds such as Parrots and Cockatiels, as well as Finches, Doves, Pigeons, and other varieties, are often kept in captivity as beautiful and interesting pets. Unfortunately, many owners may not know how to care for their birds properly, while others experience life changes that may leave their pets without a suitable home. Captive birds can suffer from nutritional deficiencies, psychological stress, and many other problems when they do not receive proper care. Many wild exotic birds are endangered as a result of the international pet trade. Non-profit bird sanctuaries provide homes for some birds for whom their owners can no longer provide care. However, many more of these birds need to be adopted by committed owners who have taken the time to thoroughly understand what it takes to care for the birds. A person who is ready for the responsibility of owning a bird should seriously consider adopting one rather than buying a new one.

Rescue Me! - HeIpingAnimaIs in Need.
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    Parrots mimic humans but do not mimic any other kind of animal in the wild. Exotic birds can live to be over 60 years old.

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If you find any of the above spay/neuter information is incorrect,
or if you know another low-cost clinic to recommend, please
call Rescue Me! at 1-800-800-2099 with this information.
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